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Links zu allen Bands, die schon bei uns spielten


Rhine River Valley Band

Britta T. and Band

Rene Heimgartner ; saltandpeppeer.ch

Texas Trail

Andy Martin & Band (CH)

Blizzard Ladies

Rhytm Train

Southern-Railway ( D )

Westwood (CH)

Country Connection (CH)

Honky Tonk Ernie (CH)

Chicken Cage (CH)

Doris Ackermann & Band (CH)

Romy Joy (CH)

David Waddell (USA)

Roland Wäspi & Band (CH)

Key West Selection (CH)

Companytime (CH)

neue Tänze

- Things WE Do
- Bedroom Boogie
- Lonely Blues
- Have You Ever Seen The Rain
- Brokenhearted
- Bonaparte's Retreat
- You Get Me High
- Cherry Bomb
- These Old Boots
- Cowboy Life
- One Goodbye


Richard Büchel

079 352 04 40

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